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Ticket Khidakee

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The Story

Booking a ticket for your favorite local theatre show or an event, that is exactly where Ticket Khidakee was born. And thus, building a platform for easy bookings of local events and entertainment shows began.

Until now, there was no particular platform to book theatre act shows or events in the locality.

With the purpose of boosting and promoting local entertainment shows, plays and events, the purpose of Ticket Khidakee was to pave a  way for people to easily book tickets for the same.

The Product

That’s where our team of bees, ‘buzzed’ in. We built a simple to use and effectively designed platform for ticket bookings.

A single page where all your booking needs are fulfilled. This in turn also proved to be a great way for the local theatre plays and entertainment events to be promoted and known among the people.

Earlier there was no single platform for ticket bookings for the plays. Ticket Khidakee made it easier.

The Bee Factor

We built a feature called ‘ Rent a Show’ where in the user could easily rent a show and watch online for a specific period of time. This feature allowed the flexibility to the users to watch their favorite shows in their own time and at their own comfort.


Tech Stack