We specialize in creating beautiful, crisp and smooth UI/UX designs that provide best user experiences.


UI/UX Design

Foundational Research

Design Strategy

Product Design

Behavioral Design

Service Design


Our team of highly skilled designers create crisp, beautiful and functional UI/UX designs that brings out the best user interfaces. We do this by incorporating effective collaboration, the latest tools and streamlined projects to improve the final result.

Web & Mobile User Interface Design

With your inputs and ideas, we craft a clear and functional UI/UX design for you. Our team of web designers make crisp user designs/interfaces that aligns with the exact user requirements

Cross-Platform Compatible

Our focus is always to design and deliver responsive, functional and cross-platform designs ensuring that it works seamlessly across different platforms.

Software Redesign

Do you have an already existing application or website that is not appealing or professional anymore? We help you to redesign the entire application or website. After proper evaluation of your application and understanding the target users, we turn your software into an engaging and beautiful experience.

Our UI/UX Design Approach
We have a compelling and proven approach to the web design that we do. Bee logical is among the best web design companies in India.

Foundational Research (UX)

Foundational Research is an ‘exploratory’ and ‘pathfinding’ way of our team to get clear on the concept of the project. It is always important to know the idea clearly before we start working on it. UX (User Experience) is a huge part of web design.

Our process includes understanding the concept by asking the right questions and extracting information that is needed to build the flow of the application further or website. Let us now take a look at the method flow of UX.

  • Understand the flow and functionality of every page to prepare an information architecture based on it.
  • Create flow charts to get an idea of the entire user flow right from the moment he visits the application/website to the time he exits.
  • Prepare a wireframe with respect to the finalized flow. This wireframe is just like a blueprint of the entire flow of the application/website.
  • Once the wireframe is finalized, then we move next to Design Strategy.

Design Strategy

Our designers prepare a perfect design strategy from the basic point of your idea to the final product. This design strategy includes different UX methods that need to be implemented for the particular product while considering every component of it.

Once, the strategy and methods are fixed, we set a strict time line for us to get you the best results in time.


Product Design

As a part of product design, our web designers visualize and imagine the designs first in their minds. To make it even better, we take inspiration from different designs before we start working on the actual design. This activity is called ‘Mood Boarding’. Once, the Mood Boarding is done,our super team of designers then start working on the actual layout.

This is the stage where you can see the visual designs as they would appear on the actual website. UX or Foundational Research plays the most important role in the entire process, as it helps the designers to build crisp and functional designs based on the UX Research.


Behavioral Design

Behavior Design is the aspect where we study your target crowd and their psychology.
 It is crucial to put ourselves into the shoes of the end user

 so that we design the best & functional user experiences. The end goal is to design simple to use and crisp UX with our behavior design.


Service Design

If you have a service based product, our service design helps to make it more engaging and profitable for your business. The service design process includes analyzing all the factors and functionalities of the product before the design. While the UX web design focuses on the digital touchpoints

Service Design looks at the entire end-to-end experience of the user which may also include digital touchpoints but also the infrastructure, teams and many more. Business analysts and other important people from the client company are also involved in this process.
A detailed competitor analysis is done by our team during the service design.

What makes us among the best UI/UX agency in India ?
  • Extensive Expertise
Our team of designers have created various types of responsive web design for mobile application and websites for a wide range of industries.
  • Transparent, Collaborative & Communicative
Our work flow includes complete project visibility and open communication from the day, the project is initiated. We have weekly calls with clients to update them on the projects status from time to time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To answer it simply, it depends on multiple factors. There is really no easy way to estimate the cost of a product. Although, our team of experts will guide you to make the best choice in reference to your business needs.

A UX designer is absolutely crucial to design the base architecture of your product. He is also responsible for avoiding failed investments in developing features that are not relevant for your users.  Having  a UX designer allows you to limit costs and increase your rate of profitability.

For any business, UX is as critical as sales, branding and marketing. The primary reason is because good UX design will directly improve the bottom line. A good user interface is the most important way the customers will interact with your software application. UX is the foundation of it, proving to be directly beneficial and profitable for the business.

The deliverables change depending on the requirement and nature of the overall project. This is what we typically deliver.

  • Sitemap

  • Wireframes

  • UI sketches

  • Interactive prototypes
Design systems
  • User-research report
UX audit report (if revamping an existing design)
    • Business/organizational goals

    • Target audience details

    • Product goals

    • Expected outcomes and KPIs of the project

    • Technical specifications

    • Market research data, if any

    • Previous user experience audit results if any

    • User analytics data, if any

    • Business reports