Highly skilled, Quality & Team-driven IT Staff Augmentation at cost-effective rates.

Our staff augmentation services are perfect for all of your business needs. We provide an expert team of software developers and designers to fill the talent gaps. Bee Logical is among the leading IT staff augmentation companies in India. We provide numerous services to help you with the in-house development process, assist your staff in web and mobile product development and provide you with the perfect support and assistance that you need right now. We have an easy process for you to hire tech talent from us and get the benefit of our augmentation services.
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160 Hours Working/Month with Easy Resource Access

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50+ Skilled Web & App Developers for Hire.

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Save costs on Development and Maintenance.

We are trusted by startups and companies across the globe.
Benefits of our IT Staff Augmentation

No Recruitment Hassles

Our IT staff augmentation services help in saving you the hassle of searching and recruiting development talent. We interview the candidates personally and send you the approved CVs.

Low Operational Costs

It is important to pay for what drives the most value for your company. We help you reduce your overall expenses by eliminating the cost of spaces, equipment and taxes.

Full Control

We inspire you to pick your team members and also actively participate in the interviews. Manage your project success efficiently and stay updated.

No Infrastructure investment

Save a lot on your expenses as there is no infrastructure required with our staff augmentation services. With our IT staff augmentation services, you can easily save on infrastructure costs while building your product successfully.

Access to Talent

At Bee Logical, we offer you access to a huge pool of vast talent at affordable prices. Build your team with certified & talented software professionals.

Deadline strict

Our team of developers always adhere to strict timelines making it easy for you to complete your project in the given deadline.

Emergency Support

We have your back in all the emergencies that come during the entire project lifecycle and after.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Process
IT Staff Augmentation India
Why Choose Bee Logical for Staff Augmentation in India?

Hire our Highly-skilled, Quality and Team-driven staff for your business requirements.

9+ years of Industry Experience

Transparent Development Process

Conveniently Augment your Dedicated Development Team

160 Working Hours/Month with Flexible Hiring models

In-house team of talent with a rich work portfolio.

Long-term client retention with 90% return and referral

Supervise your Project with your Exclusive Team.


Dedicated Team

A dedicated team is always the best option if you are working on a crucial project. Our dedicated team ensures full attention to your project giving it the exact time and effort it needs. A dedicated team is among the best augmentation services that you can invest in.

Project Based Model

Want to hire specific talent gaps for your project? We at Bee Logical, provide you with the exact staff augmentation you need on a specific project. Our project based recruits are perfect for a project. This model is quite user-friendly and easy.

Hourly Based Model

This type of model is mainly for projects that involve less amount of time. Small start-ups and other companies who require staff augmentation for a few hours can opt for this model.

Industries we serve
Our Web & Mobile App Expertise Extends Across a Variety of Sectors.





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Why Choose Bee Logical for Staff Augmentation ?

We provide full support

Clear Communication

Guaranteed Flexible Project Management

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Connect with us and get top-notch digital services for your business. Our qualified and trained team of Web & Mobile App Developers strive to deliver the best digital solution for your business at an affordable and honest price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Staff Augmentation is a type of outsourcing service, where a software company provides their engineers in the form of external hire usually on a timely or project

Staff Augmentation allows you to temporarily extend your team based on analyzing the lack of specific skills or a project. It also helps in reducing your operational costs to cutting down on additional expenses. Staff Augmentation allows you to assign projects and tasks with super confidence that they will be completed.

While the Staff Augmentation model is limited to hourly or project basis commitment of work, the Managed services (outsourcing model) assumes all of the motive of meeting the commitment.

Resource Augmentation is a way of outsourcing versatile and cost-effective teams for a specific module of a project or project.

Our simple and effective process of Staff Augmentation makes it easy for you to hire.

  1. Requirement Gathering
  2. Choosing your team
  3. Managing Augmented Team
  4. Project Delivery