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Web / Ecommerce

The Story

We all know how ‘Aam-azing’ Mangoes are. Our love for the mangoes is universal. And what better way to have the mangoes fresh straight from the farms of Ratnagiri & Devgad- the birthplace of Alphonso Mangoes.

Aamrai was born out of this love for mangoes where people could easily order them through a simple online portal directly from the farms. In today’s world, where everything is chemically sprayed, Aamrai is an attempt to bring people with fresh organic mangoes from the orchards to their doorstep.

The idea behind building a simple and comprehensive website was to make it easy for people to buy truly organic mangoes without any hassle. This was the idea behind Aamrai.

The Product

We built an easy and powerful e-commerce website for Aamrai where people can easily buy mangoes to brighten their summers.

The easy to use interface and an attractive visual design of Aamrai is what makes it different from the others. A feature offering you to choose from different varieties of organic mangoes makes it even more interesting and easy. This feature also made it easy for the team Aamrai to keep an eye on the demand and supply.

The Bee Factor

Along with the option of ordering mangoes to make your summers memorable and relishing, we thought of adding a feature of gifting them.

What better than gifting a box of Mangoes to your family & friends to make their day. The gifting feature added an extra touch of emotion for the people. With the gifting feature, you can easily select the variety of mangoes that you wish to gift and the rest is taken care of by the team Aamrai.

Tech Stack