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The Story

In a world of competition, Telosa wanted to help businesses promote and optimize their listings on portals like Google, Facebook and all others.

Apart from helping businesses have a clear representation on these platforms, it is equally important whether the representation is authentic.

Telosa wanted to detangle this complex world of digital presence for genuine businesses.

The Product

It was clear from research that the customers who were most likely to drop a review were the ones with a strong negative experience. Telosa wanted to ensure that by using their platform, businesses can ensure that the reviews posted were a true representation of the company’s customer journey.

Based on these reviews Telosa can help businesses make data driven decisions. We developed the platform after integrating a lot of surplus features. Review moderation was one such feature that could help companies manage and act on their reviews.

We also gave access to real-time data so that each new review would be notified to the companies, to ensure every review gets the required response. This tool can also be used to share great reviews on the company’s social media sites for more eyeballs.
In this way, the organization can not only interact more with their customers, but also better their process wherever necessary. Afterall, evolution is the key to development!

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