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Mobile App

The Story

Dr. Yash Welankar who is psychotherapist, used to conduct meditation and mindfulness sessions in different places across Maharashtra. In the initial days, it went quite well with a positive response from the people.

With the changing times, Dr. Yash felt it was getting more and more difficult to travel every time to a place for these sessions. Also, the reach of the people who were attending the sessions was quite limited.
To solve the issue of traveling around frequently and also to reach out to wider audience, SIPE was born. The idea was to make simple tools of mediation and mindfulness accessible to people by providing them with packages on an application.

While there were many such applications that existed before, there was not a simple interface with packed features for meditation and mindfulness clubbed together in one place. To add to it, these audio’s were the actual talks by the Dr. Yash during his sessions which added even more value to the product.

The Product

We wanted to build a product that is simple to use and with a great design. Sipe was build to bridge the gap between the people who needed simple tools for meditation

Dr. Yash Velankar who had a great knowledge for these tools who initially conducted these sessions in person. An application was built with the purpose of providing people with exclusive and customized packages as per their needs.

The simple and effective design of the app providing ready to use packages, is a boon for people who want a perfect solution for their restless minds and anxiety in the busy world. Also, with the app and its flexibility, Dr. Yash is now able to reach out to more and more number of people online.

Tech Stack