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The Story

Mukesh Parna who is a serial entrepreneur has been into real estate and service industry since past 23 years. Initially, two different portals were present (FCRES) and (Sankalp) which were for commercial real estate investments and normal investments.

Sankalp was born the motive was to merge both the services under a single platform. Although there were many platforms for real estate investments, there was not a single platform that was swift and easy to understand & operate. With Sankalp, we solved the issue. Blending in both the portals, we decided to make a simple to use & understandable interface.

The Product

Sankalp was born out of the idea to merge two different portals with a motive of making commercial real estate investments easy. The previous design felt quite inconsistent. Our team of super ‘bees’ came up with unique UI UX ideas to make the interface more efficient and crisp.

Investor’s Center section was added for people who to create a profile and manage their real estate investments easily. A new logo was also incorporated thoughtfully that reflects the values of company which focused on growth and development.
Our designing team really put their heart to make the overall experience of Sankalp efficient and easy for the user. The crisp design and layout of testimonials and FAQ’s have now made it easier for the users to rely on Sankalp.

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