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The Story

To bridge the gap between those who wish to rent out locations for shooting and the people who are looking for amazing shooting locations, Pro Recee was born.

Focusing on the people, who have their homes vacant, Pro Recee wanted to build a platform for these people to connect with the film-makers who are constantly in need of a location for shoots.

While the location scouting happened manually earlier, there was not a single platform that provided a curated list of film locations, bungalows under a single window.

The Product

With the latest technology and research, we developed a product – Pro Recce to bridge the gap between film makers and the people who are willing to rent their houses. This enabled the film-makers to easily find the appropriate location required for the film.

Moreover, we created a search functionality where the film-maker can search for the property based on the budget and purpose. A thoughtful addition to this was the feature of capturing the latitude and longitude of the exact location and fetching it during the search.

The user on-boarding feature has a clean interface making it easy for anyone who is interested to list the property or is wanting to rent a property. Multiple functionalities can be accessed from this dashboard.

Tech Stack