Project Category

Web / Ecommerce

The Story

In order to provide completely customizable furniture and end-to-end home and office interiors to any part of India, Pop Couch popped in.

Onboarding anything and everything related to the interior design world like home décor, bespoke couches and other allied services like refurbishment and repainting furniture and spaces, Pop Couch wanted to be at the top of the whole furniture world.

The Product

There were two parts to the project. Launching an ecommerce for bespoke furniture from Pop Couch and building a platform for interior decoration projects.

The design consisted of a lot of complex aesthetic elements and illustrations. We understood that we needed to be more specific with it than ever. Afterall, it was an interior design and aesthetics company we were working with!

The platform was huge and work very intricate, but with a buzzing team and dedication like ours, we ended up delivering much more than what was expected of us!

Tech Stack